II Classic Trophy at the Arenys de Mar Yacht Club

This trophy will be held on Saturday April 9 at the Arenys de Mar Yacht Club with the participation of ships from the age of 31 December 1949 and classic boats, launched between January 1, 1950 and 31 December 1980.

The race will take place in waters between Barcelona and Arenys de Mar.
To participate, you must register and provide documentation to email vela@cnarenys.com.
For more information, call the Yacht Club: 93.792.16.00.

Debit copy of insurance
Copy of Certificate of CIM Rating for 2011
Current federal license
Copies of the policy of 'insurance in force accordingly.
Certificate of airworthiness
The degree of the pattern

The payment of registration fees are 70 € for the boats that are not members of AEBEC.
The registration period will end on Monday April 8 at 14:00h.

For further information, clarification or questions, please contact us by phone 670858903 or 937957365 or web