About us

We repair, restore and refurbish all kinds of boats. We are specialists in classic boats and always respect the original design of the boat. We provide project management services for restoring or repairing boats: upper works, carpentry, fibre glass, paint, stainless steel and bronze, composites, sails, engines, electricity, electronics. We can also draw up plans and do calculations. Furthermore, we improve and optimise manoeuvres and do measurements for CIM and RI ratings.

We can fabricate all kinds of parts in bronze, aluminium and iron, make masts, laminated wood booms and spinnakers. We use our own design and calculations.

In keeping with our commitment to quality, we have ISO 9001:2008 certification in boat repair, restoration and refitting.

Our headquarters are in Arenys de Mar, but our business area includes the entire Catalan coast. In the near term, we plan on expanding internationally.

Professional sailor and classic sail boat enthusiast with 25 years of experience managing boat repair and refitting companies.